Local Solutions for Local Businesses

SquareTaper Media handles the parts of your business that take you away from what you do best.  Our team can give you an unparalleled online presence. We can produce raw content or edit materials that you already have. When you are ready to expand into a new market, we can translate your message and products into new languages.  We want both you and your business to succeed and we are here to help. We work exclusively with locally owned, small businesses, because we know that you serve your customers better than the big box store down the street. 

Website Design and Hosting

Your website is a reflection not only of your business, but of yourself. It needs to be clean, crisp, and easy to read on both regular computers, and mobile devices. Are you connected to your clients via social media? Does your site show up on search engines? Does Siri know who you are? SquareTaper can build you a beautiful website for as little as $200, and have it up and running in as little as a day. 


Translation Services

Business expanding? New market or demographic on the horizon? SquareTaper has you covered. We can translate your existing content into new languages, or create original, culture appropriate messages. We specialize in Spanish, Central and South American markets, but can grow with you wherever your business takes you.



Getting your customers to visit your website is one thing. Getting them to make a purchase is quite another. SquareTaper can help you monetize your site through ads, and secure encrypted transactions. We have custom shopping carts and checkout solutions for whatever you sell.


Content and Editing

Are you a natural with your customers, but not sure how to best communicate what you do in print? Have you already created content, but need some help smoothing out the edges? Need a photographer? A copy editor? Graphic design? SquareTaper has got you covered.